Helping to shape the future of online dating.

NoCatfish aims to empower your dating life with genuine people whilst providing in-built security, bringing you the authentic online dating experience that you deserve.

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“We wanted to create a platform that provides users the opportunity to recapture the spark of dating genuine people. We have the appropriate technologies in place to achieve that and are delighted that NoCatfish is enabling romance to blossom once more.”

- Founder, NoCatfish

Real Connections That Matter

Online dating has become dull and predictable, and NoCatfish aims to breathe fresh life into it. Gone are the days where you’re second-guessing every person you’re talking to online. With an abundance of certified verification processes, you can trust that every connection and interaction with a user is real, meaningful and fun.

Set Your Current Mood

Choose your appropriate mood between ‘Relationship’ & ‘Casual’ as NoCatfish aims to keep the 2 worlds separate, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Swipe and find your ‘Purrfect’ match for the right occasion.

No Bots, No Fake Profiles & No Catfish

We want to put the FUN and TRUST back into online dating.

Mandatory Verification Process

An identity verification process for a 100% authentic dating experience.

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Feature Rich. No bloat.

We pride ourselves into trying to create a safe and fun environment for the people that use Dating Apps, no more FAKE profiles – no more BOTS and no more CATFISH. Come and join us and find that REAL connection

Clear Designs

It’s not just the users that are easy on the eye. The app itself is attention grabbing with bold text and saturated colours, allowing you to find everything you need conveniently and quickly.

Easy to Use

NoCatfish provides you with every tool you need to keep your search simple yet engaging. Simply swipe left and right as your purrfect match awaits.

Travel Time

Travelling shouldn’t stop you from meeting a match. With distance estimates, you can plan to grab a quick coffee or arrange a longer commute if your match isn't just down the road.

Quick Responses

Limited on time but you still want to keep your match updated? No problem. Send a quick preset message response so you can keep them in the loop.

Photo Commenting

You have a new match! Not sure how to start the conversation? Simply comment on one of their latest photos to get the conversation started.

Diverse and Inclusive

NoCatfish isn’t just for the average, stereotypical user. The dating service is inclusive to everybody, regardless of backgrounds and interests.

“The authenticity of dating is a spark that we want to recapture, and we have the appropriate technologies in place to help achieve that.”
- Founder, NoCatfish

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